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Learning Their Names: Letters from the Home Place

Learning Their Names: Letters from the Home Place Collusion Books, Halifax

Over a year in the global pandemic, two friends exchanged poetic letters across the country between Edmonto and Halifax exploring a twenty-year relationship with a five-acre, off-grid piece homestead near the North Saskatchewan River in northeast Alberta, a piece of land these two settler women love dearly.

A stunning chapbook borne of a commitment to "slow" art, and the attentiveness and care that only gifted collaborators could bring to questions about land, landscape, history, and the meaning of home and not/home, both settlement, erasure, and displacement. Taken by the loving language, and the daring--holding hands across the miles (and miles and miles) for a long while, until the form of the work (a series of letters) suggested itself, and the language--settler and Indigenous, divined and discovered--felt just right. Susan Scott, Editor, Body and Soul: Stories for Skeptics and Seekers, Caitlin Press

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