• Jannie Edwards


Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Room that takes the shape of skin. Room invented, Fed and cleaned. Room through seasons. Room asleep. Room that’s shaken from the deep. Stricken room that coughs and coughs. Room with plenty of enough. Room with maps and gears and traction. Room left Stranded at the station. Room with extra bowls and beds. Room that argues with the dead. Room with tides of debt And rumour. Waiting. Fallow. Room with tools to measure Sorrow. Room of air. Room that dreams beyond despair. Room with moonlight leaking through its ruin. Room as loom. Room that simmers in beginnings. Room with splinters in its shadows. Wired room. Haunted. Borrowed. Room that churns with itch And fire. Room that learns its own desire.

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