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Videopoem: Engrams — Reach and Seize Memory

DECEMBER 20, 2014

Poetry in motion — literally. This collaborative videopoem project was inspired by the work of Edmonton artist Darci Mallon, whose installation Engrams features a triptych of three huge works representing American Sign Language signs related to memory and identity. Each mark on wall-sized panels of transluscent mylar is created by the artist`s inked finger and handprints, among the most essential signifiers of identity.

Rick Gustavsen

Inspired by Mallon`s work, poet Jannie Edwards wrote a triptych of poems in English, which were translated into American Sign Language by Deaf translator and actor Linda Cunningham.

Rick Gustavsen

The project was filmed by videographer Rick Gustavsen whose handheld videography captures the fluidity and intensity of Cundy`s performance. The work was edited by David Cunningham.

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